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Why Use Rex?

Rex helps you easily collect new positive reviews. With the simple click of a button, you can send a text message and email to your clients asking them for their feedback. Your customers will love leaving a review because of how easy it is.

Stand out in Local Search (SEO)

Your reviews are the number one factor that determines your search ranking. Rex allows you to quickly collect more online reviews translating to a higher ranking when people are looking for your services online.

Manage Where You Get Reviews

Only encourage customers who have had a great experience to leave an online review at one of the sites of your choice, while directing those who may have had a bad experience to a private survey, which is emailed back to you.

Embed Reviews into Your Own Website

Show off your good reviews on your own website or in a Facebook tab and impress potential new customers. You get to choose the minimum star rating.

Let Rex Help You Boost Your Online Presence with Great Reviews

Get Valuable Customer Feedback with Rex

Start interacting with customers on platforms they are comfortable with, like text messages. Whether they are answering a text from their kids or responding to a request for a customer review, text messages are many clients’ preferred platform to communicate. Make it personal to see more results and help build trust.

Track which links your customers are clicking and who you sent messages to. Our dashboard is a simple, yet powerful way to see how effective Rex is at getting your customers to write online reviews.

Integrate Rex with your company’s software through our API or Zapier app. Automate sending Rex messages or receive referrals directly in your CRM.

Rex asks a simple yet powerful question to all your customers and, based on their answer, has them leave an online review or fill out a private survey. Customers who are directed to leave a review automatically receive a follow-up message 24 hours later asking for a referral. Never miss out on a referral from your best clients again!

Use Rex to Gain a Competitive Edge

There are many ways in which Rex helps you improve your online presence:

Automatically capture referrals

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What Our Users Think

The ease of use is the top feature for my team followed by how the ability to personalize the request to each of my customers. I specifically appreciate the live, detailed reports that inform me when someone has clicked the link they received and when the last communication was sent to them. (Source: Capterra)
Jimmy V.
Mortgage lender
The customer service is exceptional, the price is great.(Source: Capterra)
Andrew B.
Super easy to implement and use, and the software is super inexpensive. After the initial setup (about an hour), the system is super easy and consumer friendly. (Source: Capterra)
Terry B.
Mortgage lender
The ease of use is a great attribute. We have easily been able to increase Google and Facebook reviews for our company. We like that there are reminders for our clients to complete their online reviews and the tracking that we receive is very helpful. (Source: Capterra)
Maureen L.
Travel agent
Meetrex speeds up the whole process of requesting reviews. Makes everything faster, so I can get more done. Highly recommend. Support is really awesome, too. They've made changes to the platform just for me!!! (Source: G2)
Michele F.
Social media manager and web developer
LOVE REX!!!! best biz move i have ever made..THANK YOU (Source: Facebook)
Brad W.

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